Conversations with Friends

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It took roughly four sunny days to accumulate the motivation to write this blogpost, and today it’s snowing again in Helsinki – a perfect day to snuggle in bed and write.

Conversations with Friends is Sally Rooney’s debut novel and it’s extremely addictive. I couldn’t put it down, I probably read it in a couple of sittings. What makes this book unique is that I could have never guessed it’s a debut. Rooney’s writing style is surprisingly flow-y, a lucid gift, and easily digestible for me even though many people disagree.

Without getting too deep into the story and thus avoiding spoilers, the story revolves around Francis who is a 21 year old aspiring poet and a student at Trinity College Dublin, and Bobbi, her best friend and ex-girlfriend. They perform spoken word together in the evenings. They befriend Melissa and Nick and this is where the drama starts. Francis and Bobbi have to face many of their vulnerabilities – and so do Melissa and Nick.

The book is consistently wonderful and it’s definitely something I can easily recommend. Let me know what you thought of the book after you’ve read it or if you’ve read it already! 🙂

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